About Adam Wright

My name is Adam Wright. I grew up in Roanoke Rapids, NC. I live in Wake Forest with my lovely wife, Kara, and adorable dog, Madison. I am a diehard Carolina Panthers fan and you can find me cheering them along whenever they are playing. I have gone back to college to pursue a degree in political science with a minor in communications. In 2013 I was fortunate enough to have my small business featured on Lifetime TV’s Supermarket Superstar. That was my springboard to launching my local small BBQ sauce business.

Why I Think The Way I do

I cut my teeth in politics when my stepfather ran for NC House in 1996. He ran as a Republican for NC House district 22. He did end up losing the race, but it left the thrill of the race in my soul. One of the biggest influences on my politics was reading Teddy Roosevelt’s autobiography. His way with words, his politics, and his persona caused me to start questioning the general party narrative I was being sold. I loved being a Republican. I had a great corporate job, working my way up the ladder. I felt that if I could do it, why couldn’t everyone else? Then 2008 happened. I lost my job, just like a lot of other people did. I struggled and had to turn to taking unemployment insurance. As a Republican, it was against everything I felt I should do. Yet, it helped me eat, pay rent, and provided me time to learn a new trade.

I learned two valuable lessons through that experience – the government wasn’t always a bad guy and not everyone that needs help is lazy. While I was laid off, I read more on Teddy Roosevelt and his views on government. I admired his “square deal” agenda and his idea that we should “use government where government makes the most sense.”

Becoming A Democratic Candidate

Since around 2012, I have considered myself a Bull Moose Progressive – the party Teddy Roosevelt created in 1912. As our politics have become more polar, I have maintained the idea that we should do away with the extremes. I am running as a Democrat, however, as Bernie Sanders even admits – they don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. I want to do what makes the most sense. I put the district, state, and country over party. I want to get back to being able to talk to the other side. I ask you to join me in that endeavor.

We need your support.

Please help us win NC 35. Your support is critical etc. etc.