Net Neutrality – What can NC do about it?

So, if you read my last blog post about net neutrality, you learned what it was and why destroying it was bad. In this post, I will cover what my campaign plans to do about it if it is enacted.

The reason that net neutrality is an issue is that you have internet service providers that also produce content. For instance, Comcast (an internet service provider) owns NBC Universal. So, Comcast has an invested interest in prioritizing NBC content over other content. Without net neutrality, they can throttle other traffic slower so that you will want to watch their content or pay Comcast more to see your preferred content without buffering.

In 2011, our state GOP passed legislation that prevents municipalities from creating their own internet providers. At that time, NC was seeing some of these companies start having success. One of these companies was Greenlight owned by the city of Wilson. Take a look at some of these plans they offer:

It is easy to see why the cable and internet companies got scared and decided to pay off our legislators to prevent more of these companies from existing. They were scared that these companies would force them to actually be competitive. That is why I back rolling back this harmful legislation. If the FCC does decide to back companies over the will of the people, then my plan will allow us to retain an open and free internet.

If my plan was enacted, towns will be able to start their own broadband companies. Since they won’t be producing content, they have no reason to favor one form of content over another. So, they will be net neutral. This should force the national ISPs to be net neutral as well because if they are not, you can leave them.


If you want to keep your internet open and free, please help me get elected. Vote, donate, and volunteer.



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