“We are going to have to let you go,” I remember those words well in 2008. Like so many other North Carolinians around that time, I lost my job and it was not because of anything that I had done. The financial crisis hit the housing industry tremendously hard. The company who I was working for at that time depended on the housing industry. So, the company was forced to make many hard decisions. I went through two years of struggling to make ends meet. If I didn’t have great friends, family, and unemployment, there was no way that I would have survived that experience.

     I fear what happens the next time that our nation’s economy takes a turn for the worse. That is why my campaign will be focusing so much on jobs, the economy, and education. Those are the three things that will help insulate our state if we have another recession.
   So, what are some things that we can do at the state level to create the best environment for jobs? First, our state needs to stop being in the national news over something that embarrasses. HB2 was an embarrassment and was bad legislation. Passing such an unpopular and unnecessary bill was a self-inflicted wound that our state’s Republican party caused, losing us potentially billions in lost revenue. Second, we can continue to focus on being a leader in renewable energy. These budding industries create good paying jobs and have long-term benefits such as lower cost electricity and a cleaner environment. Finally, we can end the government-created internet monopoly here in North Carolina. Allowing municipality ran ISPs will increase competition and, in turn, create good-paying jobs.
   As we grow these previously mentioned sectors, our economy will grow as well. We can grow our economy three ways: more capital, more labor, and higher productivity. My campaign’s policies will be centered around legislation that benefits one of those three things. By doing that, we can ensure that our economy continues to grow, no matter what happens nationwide.
   Finally, a state’s lifeblood is its education system. The leaders of tomorrow are in our schools now. That is why we should remove the waiting list for Pre-K. Any parent that wants to send their kid to the valuable program, should be able to do so. We should raise teacher’s pay to the national average and ramp up the number of teacher’s aides. This will allow our state to attract and keep the best talent, and ensure that their talent is amplified through the teacher’s assistants. Thus, providing our kids the best education. Additionally, we need to push for more apprenticeship programs that team local businesses with their schools. This will provide students great job skills and help them be prepared to enter the workforce. Enacting education policies such as these will make North Carolina stronger by having a diverse educated workforce. This will make us more resilient to recessions.
   If these are the types of policies that you would like to see enacted, then please, help our campaign out by donating or volunteering today. Also, if you can tell just one other person (or more!) this week about our campaign then we can start growing this grassroots campaign.

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